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Well qualified transcriptionists are in demand and in short supply.  Imagine increasing the productivity of the quality staff you already have!  Customized training in Windows, Word, Instant Text and/or electronic research methods can make a dramatic difference in the quality and quantity of your staff's transcription. MTWerks' affordable and cost-effective training has an immediate return on investment and can improve your company's bottom line. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


MTWerks offers complete range support for medical transcription. 

  • Custom templates and macros
  • Customized company training and train-the-trainer services
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Private consultations
  • Speaking engagements
  • Instant Text  training and support
  • Digital Transcription through MedEDocs digital transcription applications

**References available upon request.

 "I found your seminar very informative, and have already implemented some of your suggestions. I am just making my way through your handout impressing the heck out of my hubbie, who as a long time PC user thought he "knew-it-all".

Company Training

Now more than ever, it is important that transcriptionists receive technical support and training in order to keep up with the ever-increasing workload.  Because there is a shortage of qualified transcriptionists, it is imperative that we increase the productivity of the professionals we have now.  We can do that by working smarter, not harder!  Targeted training in MS Word, Windows, and Instant Text can make a tremendous difference in the quality and quantity of your transcription services.

While many community colleges, vendors and computer training companies offer courses in MS Word, they typically focus on business applications, not the skills that MTs need for maximum productivity.  MTs need information on maintaining a custom dictionary, installing and using an electronic medical spell checker, using the keyboard instead of the mouse, efficient techniques for formatting reports such as SOAP notes, managing numbered lists, creating shortcuts and macros, and setting up complicated report formats like echocardiograms.  They need information on managing automated features and how to avoid technical issues common to MS Word users.  And they really need to know how to back up and restore critical files containing shortcuts and macros. 

MTWerks offers training that is specific and tailored to the special needs of transcription, and company training is further customized to the needs of each company. Rates start at $80 per hour for web-based training (up to 9 concurrent connections) and $90 per contact hour (plus travel expenses) for on-site training.  Call 866-460-1265 or click here to request pricing and other details.

Workshops and Seminars

MTWerks offers fun and affordable workshops and seminars for groups of 10 or more.  Gather your friends, coworkers, or association members in person or by webinar (web-based seminar) for a few hours or a full day of incredible discoveries in Windows and Word.  Learn techniques for supercharging your word-processing abilities.  Choose from a list of topics including shortcut keys in Windows and Word, formatting, templates, AutoText, AutoCorrect, electronic research techniques, Windows shortcuts, and Instant Text.  Call 866-460-1265 or click here to request pricing and other details.

Private Consultations

Whether you need a little help or a lot, MTWerks is here for you.  We offer private consultations by phone, in person or web-based using the latest in conferencing and training technology.  Phone consultations are $40 per hour and individual web-based instruction is only $60 an hour.  Call 866-460-1265 or click here to request pricing and other details.

Training for Instant Text

Instant Text is the premier text expansion product on the market with the most features of any text expander available.  MTWerks offers three levels of training to introduce and then help MTs master this incredible productivity tool created by Textware Solutions.  Simply use a few letters to instantly write complete words, phrases, and entire paragraphs! No memorization required. 

Click here to learn more about Instant Text

Rates start at $80 per hour for web-based training and $90 per contact hour (plus travel expenses) for on-site training.  Call 866-460-1265 or click here to request pricing and other details.

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MTWerks on Facebook

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