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MTWerks is here to help you get more out of Windows and MS Word!  Learn how to take advantage of Shortcut Keys, AutoText, AutoCorrect, Macros, Templates and Fields specifically for medical transcription.  With books, videos, online classes, and customized training, you can increase your productivity, efficiency and accuracy! And for an MT, that means increasing your income!

Do you know the single most effective way to increase your productivity?

"I can't believe what a difference spending just a little bit of time with you as well as with your book has made in my life concerning my time spent at my computer. I have applied just a few of things that I have learned and already I can do maybe 50% of my work without taking my hands from the keyboard. What I am learning is how to think differently. I am learning to work smarter not harder!"

More Time and More Money

If you work on production or even hourly with bonus, you truly can earn more.  MTWerks can show you how to take advantage of the tools already included with Windows and MS Word, so you can work smarter, not harder!  Transcriptionists, transcription departments, and MTSOs can increase line counts, accuracy, consistency, and the bottom line!  Relevant, targeted training quickly pays for itself.  As one MTWerks customer put it:  "Paid $40, worth $400." 

All books, videos and classes are written and developed by Laura Bryan, CMT, a practicing medical transcriptionist who knows what MTs really need to work efficiently and accurately.  For more than 10 years, Laura has worked directly with MTs all across the country, from individuals to companies and large hospitals, addressing their problems and creating solutions. Now you can learn from someone who has "been there, done that." 

All MTWerks products and services carry a money-back satisfaction guarantee.  You have nothing to lose, only money to gain!

How much does it cost you in time and money to use MS Word?

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