MS Word for Healthcare Documentation

Microsoft Word for Healthcare Documentation:
A Guide for Transcriptionists, Editors and Heath Information Professionals

Laura Bryan, MT (ASCP), CMT                                         Click here to purchase

Microsoft Word for Healthcare Documentation is the only book written specifically for medical transcriptionists (and other health information professionals) by a medical transcriptionist. Laura Bryan focuses on the features of Word that are most relevant to transcriptionists, helping them to work more efficiently.

The guide is a step-by-step approach to applying Word to your daily routine with examples taken directly from healthcare documentation. Full-color screen shots and color-coded instructions make the book easy to read, easy to use. The book focuses on keyboard shortcuts, templates, and macros to help you produce more lines in less time.

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Now integrated with the workbook, this fourth edition features:

  • Updated content, which now includes Word 2003 and 2007 and the fundamental features of Windows XP and Windows Vista
  • "Put it Together" boxes show how various concepts discussed throughout the text work together
  • "How I Do It boxes" are based on the author's first-hand experience, helping you apply what you've learned to be more productive and accurate in your work
  • "Do It Quicker" boxes offer valuable timesavers, including shortcut keys and tips for maximizing efficiency
  • Full suite of student and faculty ancillaries for easy integration into transcription curricula
  • Extensive explanations and troubleshooting information on formatting, numbered lists, SOAP formats and other common formats used in transcription, as well as headers and footers.
  • A plain-English glossary of Windows terms
  • Shortcuts, file management techniques, and over 100 shortcut keys so your hands stay on the keyboard, not the mouse!
  • Sample projects and ideas for using AutoText, AutoCorrect and Macros.
  • Extensive keyword index and FAQ index.
  • With concise, easy-to-follow directions, you will learn how to:

  • take control of numbered lists
  • easily format SOAP notes, operative reports, and lists
  • create macros for editing, creating and saving documents with a single shortcut key
  • create your own keyboard shortcuts
  • reduce keystrokes using templates and macros
  • change settings and options to better suit your needs
  • avoid common frustrations and time-consuming problems
  • back up, share or move AutoCorrect, AutoText, macros, shortcuts and templates to a new PC

  • ...and much more!

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    There are lots of books about using Word. Why should I buy this one?
    Because this book addresses the unique needs of a transcriptionist. With specific examples, easy-to-follow directions, troubleshooting advice, FAQ index, and color-coded features, you will find your answers quickly and easily. Have you ever wondered...

  • how to move your AutoCorrect entries to the new PC?
  • if you can print your AutoCorrect list?
  • why the font changes, sometimes in the same document
  • how to disable automatic formatting changes?
  • how to reveal codes and troubleshoot formatting problems?
  • how to automatically format terms like H20 and cm2?
  • Is this a book for beginners?
    The book was not written to address any particular skill level. The basics as well as advanced features are included. It is designed to show you how to apply Word to your daily routine. Match the ideas and suggestions to your own skill level. Those new to Word will find the specific help they need, and veterans are sure to find new and clever ideas. Order your copy today and make Microsoft Word work for you!

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