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Do you learn by seeing and hearing?  Then MTWerks LIVE! Online Classes are for you! No technical expertise, software or special equipment needed other than an Internet connection.  It’s easy!  Just log in to the online "class," then sit back and watch, listen, and ask questions.  MTWerks LIVE! Online classes use the latest in web conferencing software to broadcast lectures and software demonstrations right to your PC.  Listen to the lecture through your speakers or headset and watch the software demonstration right on your screen.  You can even ask questions using a chat window.   Each class lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and includes handouts for notes and easy reference.  It's the next best thing to attending a traditional classroom.  One MT wrote to say that after taking 4 classes, she increased her productivity from 900 to 1300 lines a day and qualified for bonus pay.  Her $50 investment will pay off every day she transcribes for years to come.  What a great return on investment!

Complete details for connecting to the webinar will be sent to registered attendees by email before the scheduled class.

“I thought I pretty much knew all I NEEDED to know to “get through” Word, but Laura has such GOOD ideas and applications I never knew were even options!! I’m glad I’ve signed up for her classes.”

Classes Offered

If you work on production or even hourly with bonus, you truly can earn more.  MTWerks can show you how to take advantage of the tools already included with Windows and MS Word, so you can work smarter, not harder!  Transcriptionists, transcription departments, and MTSOs can increase line counts, accuracy, consistency, and the bottom line!  Relevant, targeted training quickly pays for itself.  As one MTWerks customer put it:  "Paid $40, worth $400." 

Class descriptions and current dates are listed below.  Class schedules are posted about every 2 months.  Not all classes are offered each session.  Classes are appropriate for all skill levels except for Advanced Techniques and Instant Text level II, which presume intermediate skills in Instant Text and Word.  Check back periodically for updated schedules and new classes.  Updates are also announced in the MTips Newsletter.  All class times are for the Central time zone.  Add one hour for the Eastern time zone and subtract 2 hours for Pacific.  All Classes Pre-Approved for 1.5 CECs by AHDI (Technology and the Work Place)


Class Name

Class Description

Date & Time

Advanced Techniques in MS Word

This class will cover advanced techniques in MS Word including bookmarks and cross-references, advanced macros, and other ideas for power users.  This class is ideal for independent contractors and small business owners who have access to all of Words functions and features.


AutoText and AutoCorrect to Increase Productivity

Learn how to take advantage of the built-in productivity tools in MS Word for increasing speed, efficiency and accuracy.  This class gives you specific examples in the context of medical transcription and shows you how and when to use each of these features.  You will also learn how to avoid and/or solve problems you are likely to encounter.  Click here to register for this class.


Customizing MS Word

Learn how to change or create new shortcut keys, create new icons for your toolbar and many other tricks for making MS Word look and behave just the way you want.  Customizing Word can increase your productivity, decrease frustration.  This is Burger King, you CAN have it your way!  Click here to register for this class.


Formatting Techniques and Intro to Templates

Learn how to create perfectly formatted templates that you can use over and over with "set-it and forget-it" formatting techniques.  You will learn how to preset formatting for common transcription report types such as SOAP notes and troubleshoot numbered lists.  This class covers formatting terminology, formatting commands, shortcut keys and troubleshooting advice.  You won’t believe how much easier formatting can be! Click here to register for this class.


Instant Text –An Introduction

Discover how this outstanding software program can increase your productivity and accuracy. Create more shortcuts in less time and use them efficiently and accurately. Instant Text is the premier word-expansion program for MTs and is compatible with almost any windows-based word processor. Click here to register for this class.


Instant Text Level II

This class assumes a basic level of understanding of Instant Text.  Learn to use commands, build macros, use Includes, and more!  Find out how your can supercharge your Instant Text experience.  Click here to register for this class.


Macros and Fields in MS Word

Discover ways to use the macro recorder to build simple or complex macros for completing routine tasks in a single keystroke including editing macros, file management macros and more.  Also, this class covers “blank fields” also known as “jumps” in MS Word.  This is our most popular class.  Click here to register for this class.


Options and Settings in MS Word

Learn how to manipulate settings and options to make MS Word more MT-friendly! Take control, eliminate frustrating features, and discover options you never knew you had! You will be amazed at the changes you can make quickly and easily.  If you feel like you are constantly fighting MS Word, you absolutely want to take this class! 


Searching and Surfing:  Research Techniques

Find answers fast using electronic resources, including Stedman's electronic word lists. Learn how to create shortcuts to your most-used references and find answers and information with lightning speed.  This class is full of oohs and ahhs and is the most fun to teach! Click here to register for this class.


Shortcut Keys:  Concepts in Keyboarding

Learn how to run Windows and Word with the keyboard and not the mouse. You will discover timesaving tricks for completing common tasks such as opening files and folders, copy/pasting files, folders, and text, and accessing your most-used programs and web sites with 1 or 2 keystrokes.  If you have problems with your hands, wrists or arms, this class will take away the pain!  The mouse is out!  Click here to register for this class.


Shortcuts in Windows

This class will show you how to take advantage of shortcuts, shortcut keys, right-click menus and other time-saving techniques for accessing applications, files and folders.  These are fun, easy techniques for working in the Windows environment and appropriate for any skill level.  Absolutely, this will be the best $12.95 you have ever invested in yourself!  Click here to register for this class.


Template Files in MS Word

Take advantage of template files in MS Word for consistent and flawless formats. Understand the role of the and how to use document templates.  This class is a must for small business owners.  You will learn how to use templates to save time training and cross-training, and how templates reduce QA time and improve accuracy and consistency when more than one MT is covering an account.

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Top 10 Tricks in Windows and Word

You’ll discover lots of fun ways to get your work done quickly and easily. Learn the best of the best tips for creating and managing shortcuts, files, folders, troubleshooting and getting help.  These are fun, easy techniques for working in the Windows environment and appropriate for any skill level. 


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