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I found this book easy to understand--it answers a lot of the questions I get as a QA specialist and mentor.
Karen Billingsley - 7/14/2004

This book should be on every desktop. The Windows hints alone are worth their weight in gold in this productivity-driven profession.
Dannette Greenslade- 7/14/2004

Your book is fantastic and a MUST for every Medical Transcriptionist using Microsoft Word. My line count has dramatically increased by over 50%, making me now eligible for bonus pay. [This book] holds the key to increased productivity that goes far beyond basic text expansion.
M.S Lopez, Surfside - 8/01/2005

It is very easy to understand and is geared to the way I think and to what I want to do. Other references for MS Word are either too elementary or tell me how to do other things but without really explaining why it is necessary to know how to do those things.

This is the most complete course in Microsoft Word that I have seen to date.
Joann Warkala - 7/14/2004

This is a tremendous tool for anyone using Microsoft Word for medical transcription!
Karen Gonzales - 7/14/2004

I think this book would be extremely valuable in a medical transcription course. The tools in this book definitely helped me to increase my income. Having used this book, I feel the biggest advantage of the material presented is that it is presented by someone experienced in medical transcription and for medical transcriptionists.
Debra J. Randolph - 7/14/2004

Laura Bryan has done a great deal for the world of medicine as well as for that of medical transcription.
Lou J. Silvey, CMT., FAAMT. - 8/02/2004

This book would be a valuable asset to any transcriptionist. Actually, I believe anyone who uses a computer would find it useful.
Lori Acuff - 7/14/2004

Everything is laid out in such a way that it is very readable, as well as easy to follow and understand. I never got bored or tired of reading it. As a matter of fact, I couldn't wait to pick it back up after putting it down.....I would recommend this book to everyone I know in the field.
Rebecca Bernard - 7/14/2004

I can't tell you how much I appreciate Make It Your Own!! For the second time in 6 months, they rolled down my computer today, taking all my personal settings with them. But, this time, I was ready with a backup of my AutoCorrects and I felt soooo smart. Hah! Thanks for your book,
An Ecstatic Customer - 11/01/2004

• This product is superb, very well organized and easy to use. I think it is fabulous.
PH - 9/29/2005

I have been a transcriptionist for 15 years. I have had this book for only 4 days and it has paid for itself already. This is a must have, especially if you are planning on going home to work. Unbelievable. Worth every penny.

Make it Your Own was geared more towards a transcriptionist's use - so it was much easier.
Tabi Dougherty - 9/29/2005

Thanks for all your help! I love your reference books and electronic reference tools! We appreciate your partnership with us and your commitment to excellence.
Carmen Tyler - 9/29/2005

I liked this because it is geared toward the medical transcriptionist.

“I had no idea you could do that!”

“That’s so much easier than the way I have been doing it all these years!”

“Oh my gosh! I love that idea!”

“I've used Word for 8 years, so I really didn’t think there was anything more I could learn, but I came away with so many new ideas I had never thought about!”

Your presentation was so informative and well organized. Appreciated your willingness to answer questions and seemingly taking the time to actually care about some of the concerns individuals were having.

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I would like to say your Increasing Productivity through Technology class is awesome and I am learning so much