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MTWerks teaches skills you won't find anywhere else!  You will learn specific tips, techniques, and ideas that will truly make a difference, even for experienced users of Word and Windows.   Not only do you learn how to work more efficiently, but you will also learn how to avoid trouble and solve problems in MS Word and Windows.  The table below lists just a few of the techniques taught along with their advantages.   Just like saving a few cents a day will add up to hundreds of dollars over a lifetime, saving a few seconds on every small task, multiplied by hundreds of tasks a day, adds up to hours by the end of the week. And for most transcriptionists, time = money.

Technique Advantage
Using keyboard commands instead of using the mouse Saves up to 6 seconds per command
Recording macros Reduces multiple-step tasks to 1-2 seconds
Creating templates (dot files) Reduces formatting tasks 90-100% while transcribing
Using AutoCorrect and AutoText and/or Instant Text Reduces keystrokes up to 50% or more
Customizing the Windows Start Menu Opens files, programs and web sites in 2 keystrokes versus 4-5 mouse clicks
Using electronic references (electronic dictionaries, electronic word lists) Locates the definition of a term in as little as 10 seconds
Using right-click menus Reduces many editing tasks to 2 quick clicks
Changing Options Reduces overall frustration, backspacing, reformatting, editing, and retyping of text
Using fields for inserting second page headers/demographics Saves 100% of time spent on second page headers

How can MTWerks help you?

Regardless of your learning style, schedule, or budget, MTWerks is your best resource for learning MS Word, Windows, and Instant Text!  Browse the products below to see how MTWerks can help you work smarter, not harder!

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MTWerks on Facebook

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I have already implemented many of the tips in my job... and have improved the speed of my work -- more time for me!