New Webinar Series

As part of M-TEC's continuing education series, MTWerks and M-TEC* have partnered to bring you this all new, power-packed webinar series.

Increasing Productivity through Technology

Webinar series for medical transcriptionists and editors designed to increase productivity and accuracy through technology. 

Instructor:  Laura Bryan, MT (ASCP), CMT, AHDI-F

When:  Every Thursday beginning on September 16 at 8 p.m. EST through October 14.

Length of Webinar Series:  5 weeks, 1-1/2 hour webinar each week

AHDI CE Approval: 7.5 (3 TW and 4.5 MT tools)

Registration Cost

  • $140 (price includes text book, Technology for the Medical Transcriptionist by Laura Bryan, published by LWW, $53.95 retail)
  • $95 without text book


Requirements:  Text book, Technology for the Medical Transcriptionist by Laura Bryan (published by LWW)

***Enrollment at M-TEC is not necesary to take the class***

Topics include:

Customizing Windows
  • Modifying the Start Menu, Taskbar and Desktop to maximize efficiency
  • Creating shortcut icons and placing them in strategic locations to quickly access most-used programs, websites, files and folders
  • Using shortcut menus for quickly completing routine file management tasks
  • Keyboarding Techniques
  • Using fundamental keyboard techniques to navigate windows, menus, and dialog boxes
  • Using Windows shortcut keys to accomplish file management tasks and work with files, folders and programs

  • Document Creation

  • Using templates, boilerplate text, fields and jumps
  • Editing techniques using the keyboard

  • Electronic Search

  • Searching the Web using search operators and critical thinking
  • Searching electronic references (eg, Stedman’s Electronic Dictionary, electronic word books, electronic drug references)

  • Text Expanders and Macros

  • Creating text-expansion shortcuts for use in AutoCorrect, AutoText, or third-party text expander programs (eg, SpeedType and Instant Text)
  • Using macros to accomplish specific tasks (macros as a series of commands, not inserting text)
  • For more information and to register, go to or call 877-864-3307 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. EST Monday through Friday

    *M-TEC is the premier medical transcription education program. The first school to be approved by the AHDI Education Approval program, M-TEC has earned top recognition in the industry by both students and employers.

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    MS Word for Healthcare Documentation: A Guide for Transcriptionists, Editors and Health Information Specialists
    Laura Bryan, MT (ASCP), CMT

    MTEC Webinar!

    Increasing Productivity through Technology
    Next series begins June 29

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    Thanks for all your help! I love your reference books and electronic reference tools!
    ...Carmen Tyler