Technology for the MT

Technology for the Medical Transcriptionist is the first and only comprehensive technology book written specifically for medical transcriptionists!  This text book meets and exceeds the technology objectives outlined by the Association for Documentation Integrity’s model curriculum for medical transcription education programs.  TMT can be used as the core technology curriculum for medical transcription students as well as an excellent reference for postgraduate and practicing MTs.

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Technology for the Medical Transcriptionist outlines fundamental computer concepts and then applies those concepts to the real world of the practicing MT.  Information is relevant and highly practical with detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Topics include:

Windows (XP and Vista)
   Managing files and folders; saving, sorting and searching
   Customizing Windows for utmost efficiency
   Computer security and maintenance
The Internet and electronic communications
Electronic references and search
Digital transcription and transcription platforms
Speech recognition
Introduction to databases and data tagging
Introduction to the EHR
Increasing productivity with shortcut keys, text expanders, and electronic references

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Throughout the text, emphasis is placed on security and efficiency with the goal being increased productivity with accuracy. TMT includes detailed information on keyboard commands and shortcut keys (instead of the mouse) as well as extensive information on search techniques using electronic dictionaries, word lists, and drug references.

Each chapter contains helpful features that enable you to quickly master new concepts and put your new skills into practice.  Objectives and keywords help focus on essential information.  Color bands in the page margins distinguish XP and Vista-specific content for quick and easy reference.  Color-coded feature boxes describe how concepts and techniques work together, warn of potential pitfalls, give tips on working more efficiently, and offer practical advice based on the author’s personal experience.

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Each chapter includes critical thinking questions to spur deeper understanding of the concepts and techniques described.  The CD includes quizzes to direct and enhance student learning.  Instructors have access to PowerPoint presentations and a test bank.  New or changed topics will be updated and posted on the book’s website.

Also included are special interest articles on the development of the personal computer, the rise of the Internet, the emergence of Google, and the electronic health record.

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Practicing MTs and students alike will find a wealth of information for increasing their technical skills, improving computer performance, maintaining their computer, working more efficiently, and increasing job satisfaction.  From newbie to veteran, there’s valuable information for everyone!

Technology for the Medical Transcriptionist
640 pages, soft cover
Full color
270 illustrations
CD and Web portal

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