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Instant Text is the premier text expansion software with the most features of any text expander available.  Use a few letters to instantly write complete words, phrases, and entire paragraphs! No memorization required.  Features include:

  • Abbreviations that require no memorization
  • Instant, on-screen research
  • Automatic glossary creation
  • Sentence continuation
  • Formatted entries
  • Macros using your word processor's commands
  • Space bar expansion or other key of choice
  • Glossary conversion
  • Glossary Includes
  • Line Counts
  • Productivity Tracker
  • Ready-to-use medical glossaries
  • Compatible with any windows-based software program including Word, WordPerfect, Outlook, Outlook Express, Instant Messenger, Notepad, Meditech, ChartScript and many others.

Use the glossaries already provided by Instant Text, build your own from scratch, quickly create glossaries from work already transcribed, or easily convert your shortcut lists from PRD, AutoCorrect, QuickCorrect, Shorthand or other text expansion formats.  Custom glossary conversions also available through MTWerks.  Write to Laura for information.

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Training for Instant Text

MTWerks offers several training opportunities to get you up and running quickly with Instant Text and then help you master this incredible productivity tool created by Textware Solutions. Get individual training through MTWerks LIVE! Online Classes (offered periodically) or MTWerks LIVE! Videos.  Group rates start at $80 per hour for web-based training (up to 9 people) and $90 per contact-hour plus travel expenses for on-site training (unlimited number of participants).

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